Best 14 Ply Trailer Tires

Now if you’re planning tow a loaded trailer, like the fifth wheel or a boat trailer, 14 PLY Trailers tiers/ G load trailer Tiers are definitely a great choice, they will offer you the required load capacity to handle The high weight of your trailer, and honestly, It’s kinda risky to go under the 14 PLY, you really don’t want to ruin your travelling or simple riding experience.

Now if you’re wondering which 14 PLY trailers tires or brand to go with, look no more because I was in the same situation, and I did some researches, and I ended up writing this article about the Best 14 PLY Trailer Tires, where I listed five types of tiers based on their quality, performance, durability and price.

Before attacking our list, you should first know how to read the tire, and I’m going to simplify this task and give all the details about the listed tiers, by reading for you, there six essential things to read; The tire Width, the Aspect Ratio, the Tiers Type, RIM diameter, Load Index and the Speed symbol or max.

So, If you’re still interested to know more, all you have to do is to keep reading.

Best 14 Ply Trailer Tires

1. Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire

My first pick is from GOODYEAR, I guess everyone knows the company, and how great they are in terms of quality and performance, my pick here was the Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire, it comes as a 235/85R16 126/123R

( 235mm tire width, 85 Aspect Ratio, Radial Tiers, 16 Inche RIM Diameter, 126 Load Index: 3748 LBS for one tire, 123 Load index: 3417 for Dual Tire, Symbol speed R: 106 MPH or 170KM/h).

 As I said earlier, the details I wrote is essential to take into consideration.

My first concern is the Load index 126 which equivalent to 3748 LBS, with a set of 4 tiers we have a load capacity close to 15 000 Lbs (You can apply the same calculation for Dual tires) which is more than enough for your trailer.

 The second thing is the speed symbol R equivalent to 106 MPH, which is the maximum speed (it’s not advisable to surpass 75MPH), and it has 110 PSI(tire pressure).

Now we know the tire specifics, let’s talk about the good and ugly, The Unisteel G614 RST R, is simply the best choice for your trailer hitch, it offers the quality, performance, and the durability you will need. If you respect the maximum load, maximum speed, and the tire pressure, you’ll be just fine, but let me warn they’re not cheap, and they’re worth every dollar.

In all, it’s an excellent investment for your trailer, and I highly recommend it.


2. Mastertrack UN-ALL STEEL Heavy Duty Special Trailer Tire

For my second pick I’m’ going with the MASTERTRACK UN-ALL STEEL heavy dut, they made this tiers, especially for trailers. The Tire is ST 235/85R16 132/127L, let’s give it a quick read;

( 235mm tire width, 85 Aspect Ratio, Radial Tiers, 16 Inche RIM Diameter, 132 Load Index: 4409 LBS for one tire, 127 Load index: 3858 for Dual Tire, Symbol speed L: 75MPH or 120KM/h).

The load index of single tire offer 4409 LBs which is more than 17 500 LBS load handle, which is more than enough for your trailer, and it has L SPEED equivalent to 75MPH (again that’ the advisable speed if you’re towing), and finally it has 110 PSI.

Now let’s go in toe the bad and ugly, the tires are very great, good performance, built for all seasons, compatible whit several trailers brands, but it’s can only be used for trailers.

 If you can’t afford the GoodYear Set of tires, this your choice, I highly recommend them.


3. Zeemax Heavy Duty Highway Trailer Tires

My third pick is more like a good deal for those with a lower budget, the ZEEMAX Heavy-Duty Tires aren’t the best in the market, but they come with good quality, good performance, and a very attractive price, you can get a set of 4 tires for the same price of 1 GoodYear Tiers.

The Zeemax Tire has an 8-14.5 Size, 14 PLY, speed rating K equivalent to 68 MPH or 110 KM/H, Rim width 6′, and a maximum load of 3100 Lbs with 115 PSI.

With 3100 LBS load per tier, you end up with 12 400 LBS load capacity for the Set of tires, combined with 68 MPH speed, which can do the job for towing a trailer.

In all the tires comes with a really low price, but the lower performance and lower quality compared to the two first picks, In fact, I can’t really recommend it, but if you’re off-budget and you need a good deal of tires to use for 3-6 months those are a great pick.


4. Transeagle Trailer Tire

We reached the 4th pick in my list, and it’s the TRANSEAGLE TRAILER TIRE, it’s an ST235/80R16 129/125M LRG 14-Ply Tire, let’s give it a quick read;

( 235mm tire width, 80 Aspect Ratio, Radial Tiers, 16 Inche RIM Diameter, 129 Load Index: 4079 LBS for one tire, 125 Load index: 3638 for Dual Tire, Symbol speed M: 81MPH or 130KM/h).

Now we have the detail, and we can see that the Load Index is 4079 lbs for single tire,

which is close to  16 315 Lbs for the set of tires, and it has an M Speed equivalent to 81 MPH, and a maximum PSI of 110, combined it’s great for a trailer.

Now let’s talk about the bad and ugly, I find these tires very great, and I might say they offer a great combination of speed and load, which all trailer users search for.

They come at a really great price, and this is the best choice, if you’re looking for the best quality and price relation, these would be my 3rd or second pick, but since I should take in considerations other conditions besides price and performance, they came in the 4th place, again I highly recommend to buy the full set, you won’t regret using it.


5. Provider Heavy Duty Trailer Tire

For my last pick its the PROVIDER TRAILER TIRE, it’s an ST235/85R16 132 M, again let’s read through details;

( 235mm tire width, 85 Aspect Ratio, Radial Tiers, 16 Inche RIM Diameter, 132 Load Index: 4409 LBS for one Tire, Symbol speed M: 81MPH or 130KM/h).

As you can see it offers a 4409 LBS for single tire which is equivalent to 17 636 LBS of load capacity for the full set, combined with 81MPH max speed and 110 PSI.

The tire offers a great combination between speed and load capacity, for some users, this is the best trailer tire ever, and I understand it comes at the half price of the Goodyear tire, offers great performance, great durability, and it’s specially made for trailers.

But why would I put it in the last pick, well being the last pick it’ doesn’t mean that’s its bad choice, in fact, it’ one of the best choices out there, it’s very hard to order these tires/brands, so again if you are a customer of Provider tires, I’m sure you weren’t disappointed. Therefore I highly recommend them.


Final Words

One of the best advice I received, is to improve my trailer tires from 10PLY to 14 PLY, it’s was a game-changer, it helps save a lot of money and time, no more problems, no more changing tires every six months, that why I consider this upgrade as an investment that you should really take into consideration, the fact that you’re reading this article means that you already planned for this upgrade, and I’m happy to hear that, and I really hope that I brought some help in your next purchase, for now, I wish you a very good towing experience, and don’t forget! Always respect the load capacity, the maximum speed, and the PSI of the tire, so you can always stay on the road.

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